What's ENSOKU?

ENSOKU is a company that creates related to motion comics, Seiyuu(voice acting), and manga and shares news on related topics.

Motion Comics
We release motion comics, which adds motion and voice to manga in order to create a new, enjoyable viewing experience.
Our roster includes a varied and fine selection of popular manga currently being serialized, nostalgic masterpieces, popular WEB-only releases and more!
[ Motion Comics ]

We've launched a social app - "SAY-U" - where users can dub our motion comics with their own voices.
This app features stories with romance, battle works and more. People from all over the world can challenge themselves by performing various roles!
[ SAY-U ]

"ENSOKU-MANGA" is a service where individuals can publish their own manga.
"ENSOKU-MANGA" will host a variety of wonderful campaigns, contests and events.

We are currently recruiting individuals who can help amp up ENSOKU.
If you have questions or would like to contribute to our voice acting, motion comic, or manga services, please don't hesitate to contact us through the inquiry form under "Contact".