“Formosa's Secret” is a Taiwanese political and social commentary manga that features characters that are personified versions of the countries related to Taiwan!
Chapter one wasn’t much more than an introduction, but it portrayed the large, festival-like effect that the country of Taiwan has on other countries.
This story is basically about Taiwan and its international relations. There’s a lot of stuff that we over in Japan don’t really know about, too.
We actually received some (straight-up honest) reviews of this series by Taiwanese people who currently live in Japan!

MOGA is a hugely popular mangaka.
You’ll get to learn a lot about international relationships while busting your gut!
You’ll be able to see things from Taiwan’s point of view in just three minutes!

This story is able to tell the history of Taiwan from Taiwan’s point of view.
Taiwan, Japan, China, and America are all personified in this story.
Various international issues are portrayed as if they are male/female relationship issues.
We can really learn deeply about this country's international relations just by watching this motion comic! lol!

Taiwan is also known as Formosa, ‘beautiful island’.
Wan-chan, the heroine, is actually a personification of Taiwan.
She’s a super gorgeous and beautiful girl, just like the name suggests.
That’s why Ryo-kun, the Chinese personification, is so delusionally into her.
He wants to make her his.
That basically sums up the issues between China and Taiwan, lol.
If you ask Taiwanese people, they say, “Taiwan is Taiwan. It’s not a part of China”.
But if you ask Chinese people, they say, “Taiwan is a part of China. It’s in China”.
You’ll get those sorts of replies.

Japan gets turned into a great guy named Yamato.
Wan-chan really likes Yamato, and has a great relationship with him.
We often hear the phrase “a friendship between Taiwan and Japan”!

Ryu-kun is into Wan-chan. He’s not going to forgive Yamato!!
Jealousy!!! But… Yamato ain’t no beta male!!
“If you screw me, I’ll screw you back. Twice over!!”

America gets made into a guy named Amerikenny!
He has gold hair, muscles, and calls himself America’s leader.
The complicated love triangle between Wan-chan, Yamato, and Ryo-kun is quite explosive.
Ryu doesn’t respect the term ‘world’s leader’, either!
That’s because Jim Rogers, a renowned investor, has named China as the great power of the 21st century!

Anyway, let’s begin this hilarious tale about man-woman relationships! ♥
We can learn about international relations through the tension of man-woman ones!
~Formosa’s Secret~ is quite a special way to learn! ♥

Thanks for the reviews, guys!
Chapter three will be released very soon, too! Looking forward to it!

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