Girls these days are all so cool.
I’m not just talking aout looks. I’m talking about their need to save the week, to crush evil. It’s so hot.
So I’ve compiled our motion comics featuring those ikemen (manly, hot) women for you to view!
Ikemen girls are so cool and collected, it makes both girls AND guys shiver!

Author : tarowImo

“I like you! I don’t care WHAT gender you are, just date me!”
That’s what a female classmate said when she confessed to this ikemen woman!
Ah, I can see why though!
She’s super hot, and a manly voice and almond eyes. In the story, she bumps into a girly guy and ends up offering her hand to help him up, so she’s valiant, too. Can you really say you’ve never wanted a cool gal like that?

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That girl, Azuki, is what we call a “yankee”. She long skirt she goes around in says she’s old school, too.
She holds her friends and family above everything. She won’t forgive you if you mess with them!
Azuki has an awesome personality that could even work as the main character in a shounen manga.
But, she also has a cute personality! A combination of the two makes her the best ever.

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Author : Megumi Isakawa

She’s a lady, but her stepmother drives her out of her beloved mansion….
Wait… we’ve seen this before. This was like…
the story of Cinderella, right?
But here’s the difference. The lady here is a lady who FIGHTS!
She’ll get back what was stolen from her with her own two hands!
She can ride horses, and draw a bow, too. She is, without a doubt, cool.

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Iron, girl, and bizarre night
Author : Jn5

This story takes place in a gorgeous Taisho era world sheathed in darkness and mystery, where the sounds of steam engines and cog-wheels permeate through the air.
Female conductor and main character Izayoi wields a creaking cog-wheel powered gun, and sends Yoruyami, mysterious monsters of the town, into oblivion!
This train conductor is cool, beautiful, and she can hold her own.
She’s got so many mysterious to her. It’s charming.

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Japanese-only Release

Miyazaka Komachi, a freshman who who appears from chapter four, is genius at the top of the class in both intelligence and physical ability.
She’s definitely the hottest person in school.
They actually do directly call her “ikemen” in the series, but all the girls in this series about playing baseball are quite cool.
She looks like a gorgeous gal in her school uniform, but when she wears that other uniform, and ties her hair… her facial impression takes a hard edge and her voice even changes!

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I'm scared of my JSDF veteran mom

I wouldn’t call the next one a girl. She’s already a mom!
At first glance, she might seem like just your super average housewife.
But as you can see from the title, she actually has the amazing body and wits of someone graduated from the JSDF!
She’s a mom you can trust!
You say strong, I say scary!

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What do you think?
They’re super cool, but they all have cute girly sides. You can’t deny their utter badassness, though!
It’s like they have a totally different personality installed inside. That’s what makes ikemen girl chracters so charming!