This ultra laid-back story Nono-chan’s House (aka the Nonohara House). It heals the soul!
yaMu Aratame Yamu writes a super relaxing SF slice-of-life manga called “Nono’s House”! All 11 chapters are available on Ensoku right now!
So far, chapter one of this series has gotten an English and Taiwanese translation, and there’s also a motion comic version thanks to reader support!

 The main characters of this manga are Kentucky (1 year old) and Tunafish (1 year old)!
But, it’s rather unusual that these two are using human means of communication!
They’d been living in Nono’s House for about a year, and they’re discussing that very thing. However… that moment is when their secret gets exposed!

 Tunafish is first one to raise the question, speaking in a laid-back Kansai dialect. You’d think these guys’ conversation would be intense, but actually it’s really laid back and nice to listen to.
But check out their forms. Kentucky and Tunafish are all angles and colors - and it’s utterly charming.

 Besides the two unique main characters in “Nono’s House,” there’s a number of other interesting ones!
Nonohara Makoto-kun is a young 17 year old man with glasse and a sharp mind. He appears in chapter four. Sometimes he has a rather harsh point of view, but he’s just a nice guy who cares about his family at heart.
Makoto’s older brother, Shinnosuke, is 25 and works at a black company. He appears in chapter four as well. He gets quite a wonderful encounter while suffering from a tired soul!

 You get to know how Kentucky came to this house in chapter five, so check that out, too!
People who aren’t familiar with this series can get translated versions too, if they support it~! ♪

TEXT:Kanako Kouchi

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If I had to choose, I’d choose cats and bamboo shoots.

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