Horror tales are usually summer’s territory. That’s probably what you’re thinking, right?
Well, you’d be mistaken! In the summer, you can enjoy cooling ice cream and enjoy it nicely while eating it under a kotatsu and watching a horror tale. But in winter, I think watching horror movies while stocked up in your warm room is a different way to enjoy them.☆
I’ve collected some of the best horror stories from our motion comics in this article. But I’m not particularly hardcore myself. If my “scary switch” gets flicked, I’ll end up not being able to sleep… I’m scaredy cat. That’s why I picked stories that are scary, but have some comedy elements, too!

You can enjoy either one~! ♪

Utter horror in 30 seconds! Classic stories that showers you in terror!

Author : yohsuken

With episode titles like ‘Gaki’ (Using the kanji for starve and strange), ‘Chimamire Chima-chan’ (Chimamire means bloodstained), ‘Childcare’, ‘Magyakuko-san’... you’re sure to go in -already- feeling a bit nervous. Each chapter is pretty short, so you can chomp away whenever it’s convenient!

Be careful thought. A short time is all it takes to be entranced by a totally bewildering story; that’s all it takes for the curtains of true horror to open before you.

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It’s Mary-san. I’m in ○○. Nightmare fuel from a famous urban legend!

She asks at midnight.
Author : ©Yokozukky & Yuukichi

The story begins when a woman gets a call from someone named Mary.
The art design is filled with the frantically scratched lines of a calligraphy pen. The music incites feelings of wanting to escape! It’s the end, if Mary catches up to me… All that awaits is death.

This girl does everything she can to run away.. she has no idea what crazy thing Mary has in store for her! What will happen in this final showdown?! Or will she be able to escape??

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Is she really looking at her dead grandpa? A true (looking) ghost story from a granddaughter

Author : Eiji Nomura

Mina, a college student, tells the tale of something mysterious and ghosty that happened in her past.

One summer, Mina’s beloved grandfather died. Around that time, however, a lot of strange illusions appeared before her… Was her grandfather trying to tell her something?
Mina, with trepidation, decides to face off against the fear. What answers can this girl find? This thriller will make you gasp in horror! Give it a watch!

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He calls his friend: “It’s there. Something is there!”

Things We Cannot See
Author : Horiyayu

This manga will really take you in with it’s cute children and lovable art!
Things get real deep real fast in this story, though. That’s because the main character's friend… can see something no one else can see. He says it, but no one else can see it!

What does he say when his friend says it’s all in his head? The world they know and love is scary, inverted, twisted. Get a taste of it and watch!

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Ignorance. Is. Bliss. Things that are scary once you realize it! Traps hidden in everyday life.

Day to day Gap
Author : mitsuya bondo

A comic essay featuring childhood moments by Mitsuya Bondo!

He uses scary moments from everyday life as his source material. Things that you shouldn’t necessarily take for granted. He talks about the moments you might feel uneasy, the moments when something feels wrong. You might just see how at risk your very life was, after thinking about it…!
Do you have any scary moments that you only recall afterwards?

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Don’t look him in the eyes! Living with a monster; a drastic situation

Author : Yagi Kato

The main character is a man who enjoys bird-watching as a hobby. On one of his off days, he sees a boy playing at the river. The slightly dirty but well-dressed, and there was something off about him. The old couple identified him at “Yamawaro”. They gave him some advice:
“Don’t worry, he’s not bad. But… definitely don’t look him in the eyes.”

But, that only incites Saga’s curiosity more! He loses to his curiosity. What happens to this binocular wielding man?

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What do you think?
I think that everyone should know the amazingness of enjoying horror while snuggled up in your warm room during this cold winter weather. Even better if you watch at late night. You’ll feel that something chilling fearful is creeping up, and your house will suddenly feel haunted. The warmth of your futon seeps in.
I don’t recommend that you watch this all at once, though. No matter how much you try to warm yourself the chill of fear just won’t go away…
Just don’t blame me if you end up being scared out of your wits. ☆


Icons made by Zurb from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC BY 3.0