This is a heart-throbbing story about a sullen kid named Komori-kun and Uno-san, the class representative!
“Komori's Grumpy Again Today” is a work by Awasawa, and it’s available on ENSOKU-MANGA in English and Taiwanese right now!

You might think that Komori-kun is a easily angered douche from the title, or just a super gloomy guy. But if you read on, you might be surprised by his true character!

The story begins when Uno-san, the weak-willed but serious class representative, has to pick up the quiz from the class as per sensei’s orders. When she gets to Komori-kun, he’s slumped over his desk. Upon hearing her voice, he raises his head and brashly goes “Ah?” giving her a sharp expression. The noise in the classroom ceases as the temperature momentarily drops a few degrees.

This is someone that even the teacher wouldn’t want to deal with! But.. if Uno-san doesn’t pick up his test, sensei will get mad! She thinks that this guy is no good… but in chapter three… Komori brings over a print-out to Uno-san directly. He straight-out apologizes about earlier. Good guy! That’s when we find out the reason behind his attitude from earlier! Check it out for sure~~~!

Uno-san quickly understands the reason behind his attitude, and she wants to know how she can help! Good gal. You might have to read Komori-kun’s suggestion to this two or three times, because it’s shocking. Um… why, Komori-kun? Uno-san feels too much pressure to ask, she just goes with it. She can’t refuse!

What’s going to happen between these two? She does something for him to take off his edge. Will Uno-san even become a person who can say no to Komori-kun? I’m also wondering what’s the deal with these two’s classmates, and their school life in general! We’re probably going to see more depending on the support that we give Awasawa! So make sure to give “Komori-kun is Glum Today, Too!” your support!

TEXT:Kanako Kouchi

Author Profile

The author was born November 10th - a Scorpio. Likes sleeping and drawing.

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