There are a number of personification mangas in existence right now, but I think it’s pretty rare to see a manga where every member of a zoo is personified!
That’s right, “Taipei Zoo Story” is a story set in a zoo in Taipei. All of the characters have naturally growing animal ears and horns! It only takes one look to recognize how cool Kokutou (a Taiwanese black bear) is. He’s tall, and he looks great in that tale coat!!!! But… he’s soooo cute with those bear ears on his head~~! ♪

This lad was separated from his parents as soon as he was born, so he grew up without their love. En-En, however, loved him like a parent. She’s a panda, but in the story she’s a gorgeous, strong beauty with coursing long hair. Kokutou might show her a rebellious, defiant front, but actually, he adores her dearly.

Then, Kokutou receives shocking news. En-En was pregnant, and had a child!

“...It doesn’t matter if she’s my parent or not!”
That’s exactly what he feels, but it really hurts him that she’s not his real parent. So that’s why he really feels some type of jealousy towards En-En’s new baby. A new heroine was born in that part of the zoo! It was a cute panda by the name of En, and she quickly became famous among the people as soon as she was born!

Well, I there aren’t only good things to mention. There are a lot of animals who are jealous of her popularity, and hold violently negative feelings towards her. There is even one who directly attacker her. En is totally bewildered by the sudden amniosity! En-En entrusts Kokutou to protect En.

“No way!” - he rejects. But he eventually (and unwillingly) starts to care for En. The two of them gradually begin to open their hearts. A cute girl with the braided locks and the gorgeous tsundere guy - what more could you ask for? This will be a critical hit for anyone who still has that little girl in them. If you like cute shoujo manga about characters of different ages, here you go!
Your heart will go KYUN~KYUN, no doubt about it!

This was written by Fang-Yu Lin, a Taiwanese mangaka.
She’s won a number of awards in Taiwan, and she also is active as a manga professor! She has a manga drawing book published, as well as a newspaper column for kids! She does quite a diverse range of things.
She a smart, beautiful woman with great black hair, so she must have a lot of fans!
I’m looking forward to what this mangaka does next!

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