―― Ah, there’s an intruder in my yakisoba bread. An intruder in my yakisoba bread!
―― I don’t mind it one bit.

The Bento is basically like a box of treasure. There’s juicy karaage and meaty hamburg. Crispy fried prawns and gratin jam packed with ingredients. The box is adorned with colorful cherry tomatoes and broccoli. Anger could be incited if there’s no cuteness - nothing but meat meat meat. But you can relax, this sort of bento is delicious! You can’t find out what’s in it unless you open it, though. Exciting! Two girls fight over that treasure box jam packed with deliciousness in “Ruler of the Rolled Egg”! This was created by piyotycho, and you can find the English and Taiwanese translations on ENSOKU-MANGA!

If you’re like “Rolled Eggs? Ruler? What?” - you would be one of many. That’s what I said, too.

Kanna took a shortcut and bought some bread. The long-haired Mio brought her bento. The curtain opens as these two girls go at it every lunch period! Kanna’s left hand sneakily creeps towards the rolled eggs… and Queen Mio ruthlessly assaults the the Ogura Anko bread! Nonetheless, these two are in a chill mood. The languid atmosphere of this work is sure to be addictive.

The lines in this manga are quite excellent, to say the least. “Queen Mio, do you bear a grudge against imitation crab?” - “I don’t mind it one bit.” - And the short drama suddenly begins! “Would you like something gold from the queen”? - is a semi-dirty joke that comes out in chapter three. This work tells the cute and slightly sad tale that only high school girls can tell!

Let’s look at Mio’s bento one more time. She has something totally new every day. One day it’s jam-packed with Rolled Eggs, another day it’s something else new like the Mayo bento! If she’s doing it, she must be a cooking genius! I want to know more about Mio’s super strange bentos. Mio might bring some more bentos, depending on the reactions! You should check out more of the battle between these two gals!

TEXT:Kanako Kouchi

Author Profile

This was written by Hirano Masanori aka piyotycho outside Japan! You should check out all the other works on tumblr!

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